Latest News

3 December 2017

  • The notices for the week are printed on the back page of the bulletin. I draw your attention particularly to the notice about next Sunday’s services, and the plans for carol singing round the parish.`
  • You may have noticed that the Prayer Tree has lost all its leaves. This marks its yearly transformation into our Christmas Greetings Tree, on which you can share a greeting with friends at St Francis and through which you can make a difference to the lives of homeless people. We ask that those who use the tree make a donation equivalent to the money they would have spent on cards to support Wycombe Homeless Connection, using the gift-aid envelopes where appropriate.
  • One the table by the font there are gift envelopes and collecting boxes for The Children’s Society. Please take away what you need and bring it back (full) to the Christingle Celebration next Sunday afternoon.
  • Our parish Christmas cards are now ready for distribution. Please take the bundle for your road, and for any others nearby which you can deliver. Some bundles also include Christingle invitations. Please give them the highest priority, but don’t ignore the others.
  • The Magazine for December and January is now available. This will be the last issue, at least for the foreseeable future.
  • Finally: although the prayer tree is being used for other purposes, it is still possible to leave requests for prayers during Advent. There is a basket on the table beneath the pulpit. Please write your request on a sticky-note and leave it there.